Ammunitions from Latvia

SK Master
Competition grade ammunition for
shooting range and sports
0,55 USD/pcs

Technical data:

Cartridges per pack: 25

Caliber: 12/70

Slug load (g) : 28.0

Velocity (m/s): 420

PAM Master
High precision, high accuracy ammunition for
0,57 USD/psc

Technical data:

Cartridges per pack: 10

Caliber: 12/70

Slug load (g): 32.0

Velocity (m/s): 410

DSR LV is member of:
Federation of Security and Defense Industries of Latvia,
Association of mechanical engineering and metalworking industries of Latvia.

DSR LV SIA has a EU license from the state authorities of the Republic of Latvia for trade in military goods.
If you have any questions, please contact us in any convenient way:
Address: 28 Varsavas str., Daugavpils, Latvia, LV-5404
Phone: +371 27818887

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