Konteiners / Wad 12 cal.

Wad  12 gauge (various types)
wad (988) cal12 H15 (cup h=21mm) Container capacity:  32 g.
wad (9xx) cal12 H17 (cup h=20mm) Container capacity: 29 g.
wad (987) cal12 H19 (cup h=21mm) Container capacity: 32 g.
wad (1288) cal12 H23 (cup h=13mm) Container capacity: 21 g.
wad (1252) cal.12 H24 (cup h=19mm) Container capacity: 29 g.
wad (8xx) cal12 H25 (cup h=13mm) Container capacity: 21 g.
wad (2167) cal12 H26 (cup h=18mm) Container capacity: 27 g.
wad (1196) cal12 H27 (cup h=15mm) Container capacity: 24 g.

Skrošu konteiners 12 kalibrs (dažādu veidu)
wad (988) cal12 H15 (cup h=21mm) Konteinera tilpums:  32 g.
wad (9xx) cal12 H17 (cup h=20mm) Konteinera tilpums: 29 g.
wad (987) cal12 H19 (cup h=21mm) Konteinera tilpums: 32 g.
wad (1288) cal12 H23 (cup h=13mm) Konteinera tilpums: 21 g.
wad (1252) cal.12 H24 (cup h=19mm) Konteinera tilpums: 29 g.
wad (8xx) cal12 H25 (cup h=13mm) Konteinera tilpums: 21 g.
wad (2167) cal12 H26 (cup h=18mm) Konteinera tilpums: 27 g.
wad (1196) cal12 H27 (cup h=15mm) Konteinera tilpums: 24 g.

Packaging: 100 pcs.

Calibre: 12/70

Load weight: 21-32 gr.

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