Training cartridge with reduced recoil, maintaining excellent target engagement characteristics even at longer distances, e.g. when shooting a trench stand. The recoil of the shot does not cause discomfort, allowing young people to learn shooting techniques more clearly without fear of being shot. Professional shooters are more comfortable with intensive training with high volumes of shooting.

Ammunition designed for learning how to shoot, as well as intensive training of Trap and Skeet. The 21g shot load combined with properly matched powder, results in the fact that even after an intense training, we will not feel fatigue cause by excessive recoil.

Munīcija, kas paredzēta šaušanas apguvei, kā arī intensīvai Trap un Skeet apmācībai. 21 g šāviena slodze kopā ar pareiza pulvera rezultātu. Pat pēc intensīva treniņa, jūs nejutīsiet pārmērīga atsitiena izraisītu nogurumu.

Packaging: 1 box = 250 pcs. (10 boxes x 25 pcs)

Calibre: 12/70

Load weight: 21 gr.

Nr.: 7.5

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